Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh Charleston, I have a crush on you.

 We arrived in Charleston and I couldn't get out of the car fast enough. The streets are lined with palm trees, old buildings (some updated) and inviting window displays. We fed the meter, unfolded the stroller and got to work walking.
 During one of our stops this little girl in the window, captured babes attention by pretending to be a fish.
 The prefect marriage as far as I am concerned. I didn't enter either store, as we were determined to focus on the local, we-don't-have-this-store-at-home, store.
 Puppy waiting for a makeover.
The grounds of Middleton Place, which was spectacular. We were pleased with our accommodations and even though it was a bit of a drive to downtown Charleston, it was worth every mile.
                                                   He lulled the little mister to sleep!
We read about a James Beard award winning chef at FIG and decided to wait for an available seat.
 Fun presentations paired with delicious menu items.
 The next morning we made our way to Mt Pleasant, a small town I read about in Cookie magazine, when the magazine was in publication.
We happened upon this one-wat street and found a bakery, clothing & accessories boutique, along with a pharmacy with a soda fountain (which, sadly, was closed). We purchased a cinnamon roll to-go and headed to breakfast.
 We drove by this home and Matt was so taken by the standing seam roof I took a picture for him.
 The beginning of many booth naps captured on "film."
                                                  Breakfast for ten two and practically free.
                                  This little guy found himself busy with two new teething toys.
We made our way to Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens after breakfast. This was not in our original plans, but as we have done many times on this trip, we made a last minute change. We were so glad we did.
I spy two cuties.

 According to the docent giving us a tour of the main house, this tree has been on the plantation since Christopher Columbus set sail.  Of course we needed a picture of this tree.
                               The closest we would ever be to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.
                                               Back to Charleston for some more exploration.                                                  
 During one of our drives I found the home above, which I deemed my home. I mean, the address had a 1/2 in it. How cute is that?
                                                    Two MnM treats in one sitting? Dangerous.
                          Of course we had to stop in this candy store. More taffy, more treats.

 We headed to the airport to pickup Grandma Jeanne and then returned to downtown Charleston for dinner. Although there is no photographic proof, we did have salads and vegetables for dinner. We ate dinner at Magnolia's and then hurried to Peninsula Grill for their famous coconut cake (to-go).
 Matt has to return to Oakland, so my mother flew out to Charleston to continue the adventure. She stayed at The Inn at Middleton Place and loved her room, as much as we loved ours.
                            We had breakfast at the lakehouse and then headed to Middleton Place, so that my mom could soak up some of the beautiful grounds prior to leaving.
                         The farm has areas where they reenact what life was like on the farm. Grandma Jeanne had never milked a cow and now she can say she has; for a minute.
 Then she found out there may be a sweet baby horse on the farm, almost as cute as her grandson. She was off to investigate...found him!
                                 We didn't have much time, but we were able to visit the barn and the grounds prior to returning to the inn for checkout.
               This clever photo of the 3 hens watching the cat and the cat watching 3 hens was taken by Matt. Great photo lovie.
So long Inn at Middleton Place, we sure enjoyed our visit.

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