Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Charlotte in a day.

After dropping papa off at the airport (he ran down the road at departures, rolling his luggage and somehow made it to the gate in 20 minutes) grandma Jeanne, the babe and I started on our Charlotte adventure. We stopped at Amelie's which was our first great decision.
We shared these sweet treats-chocolate mousse, lime tart and blackberry lemonades. May I say yum, yummier and yummiest!!
Baby Hayes opted to snack on his miniature Sophie giraffe.
Some hard decisions but obviously we managed.
It turns out this bakery/restaurant also has a whimsical seating area where people are found eating, reading, chatting etc. on comfortable couches or bistro chairs. While exploring this area we found an adult sized ruler and decided to measure the babe.
We spent the majority of our time in the North Davidson (NoDA) neighborhood of Charlotte and found it to be charming.
We drove around a bit to get a better sense of Charlotte and came across this house in one of the neighborhoods-look at those flowers-such a bright and cheerful garden even with clouds looming.
And not to soon after our discovery the skies opened up and rain poured.
So we watched our first rain storm from the car. It was impossible to see even with the windshield wipers going at the highest speed.  Hayes looks so intrigued by the rain.
And then it stopped and we enjoyed a colorful sunset and some pizza.
He was so happy with the days events that he cheered which I captured below.
The next morning we headed to Virginia.  During a stop at a gas station along the way I decided to pick up a few essentials. Okay, maybe they weren't essentials but they were fun finds.  See you soon Virginia.

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