Friday, July 12, 2013

Collecting States

We arrived after a bit of a drive and we couldn't be happier. To celebrate Hayes and grandma did a dance. After a quick dance we headed out to dinner. Papa may be gone but we have a new professional stroller pusher in town.
The next morning we woke up early and headed to Mt. Vernon to explore George Washington's home.  It was incredible really, to walk in the same room that he walked.

Hayes managed to keep himself occupied with various toys tied to his stroller and we were able to enjoy the property at our own pace.
Old Town Alexandria is one of the sweetest areas to stroll around. Below are a few of the fun places we came across during our visit

 I think he reminded her of Magnum P.I!

Every morning we would walk from our hotel to the train and on various corners there would be a dog and a trainer. This particular day they were all together. I felt like it was a Lassie boot camp.
When selecting our destinations for this part of the trip (grandma's week) I decided to make Alexandria our base and planned to use public transportation to get in between D.C and Alexandria. The last day we had our rental car we realized we could squeeze one more state in (we are trying to visit all 50 in our lifetime) and quickly made our way to Maryland.
J. Crew and Anthropologie next to each other again. Quit teasing me! I resisted going in to either store, but it wasn't easy.
We walked around Baltimore for a bit and then ate a late lunch. We tried to convince (trick) papa into thinking we were going to a baseball game (he wants to visit every stadium in the country) by putting the plastic hat on Hayes, but papa was wise to our antics and called our bluff.  I had read about colorful row houses in a magazine article (which I saved in my travel file just in case I ever made my way to Baltimore) and after many wrong turns we finally found the houses. It was technicolor goodness!

I had been to Washington D.C but grandma had not and knowing how long it takes to get from one monument to another I decided to start the tour early. I drove her to several monuments and she was able to jump out of the car, visit the site and be chauffeured to the next stop. Before I had the idea we parked near the White House and walked over to get a quick look.
This little guy turned 4 months.

We headed back to D.C on the train.  He just found out we were going to the Capitol and he had to be as quiet as a mouse. Say what?
He was quieter than a mouse...maybe because he was asleep (it was super hot) and this little fan (papa bought it in Chicago) made him so much more comfortable.
We headed over to the Spy museum. It was interesting and there happened to be a special JamesBond exhibit. I love James Bond.

During the elevator ride up to the exhibit they turn on lights which change color. We
captured green. 
After all of that spying we headed to Rosa Mexicano for dinner.

Then ice cream for dessert, followed by a swim (papa had his first swim with Hayes in HHI and now I was able to take him in Alexandria).
The next morning I took this photo and have loved it ever since!
Off to Georgetown for some fun and maybe a cupcake or two.

  We ate, shopped and walked our way through Georgetown until we practically melted.    


I saw this at Dean and Deluca and all I could think is that variety is the spice of life.

Hers and Hers cupcakes.
Love the colors. Doors, shutters, trim...there is so much color. What a coincidence this person walking in as I am walking out.
Hayes realized he could see out of the vent and bent his neck to get a peek.
We certainly enjoyed our week and then boarded the Amtrak for our first train ride. He enjoyed himself immensely.

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