Sunday, July 7, 2013

An Island 4th

Our alarm failed us and as a result, we headed to Hilton Head Island much later than we expected. 
This was the beginning of several days that featured waterfront scenery. Words alone cannot explain how beautiful these drives have been.
Speaking of water, the babe had a Pisces inspired day. 1st suit, 1st pool, 1st dip in the ocean. He had the biggest grin on his face when he splashed about. He watched the professional kiddos and then started to splash and kick in the water.
It was warm water which made for a perfect maiden dip.
I forgot about the virgin daiquiri, thank you to Elliott and Laird for the reminder. It
made me feel like I was in Hawaii.
Listening to me tell him how much I love him. Yes. I. Do.
Flounder filet is a great substitute for the usual fish and chips.
It was so hot and humid. So, so, hot.
Bree, whose family hosted us in HHI, made mini cherry pies. Yum. 
There was entertainment prior to the fireworks and children were encouraged to participate. It was so sweet, witnessing all of these children eager to get in on the action.
Something about a show over water that reminds me of home. Seattle home.
In the morning we went to the Harbour Town Cafe. A quaint stop made better by
the nearby lighthouse.
We enjoyed spending our Fourth of July with new friends. How lucky we were to enjoy their company, all while playing in the sun and surf. A big, big thank you to the Kennedy family. See you next time!

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