Sunday, July 7, 2013

Savannah Eats.

We arrived in Savannah late on Tuesday evening and stayed at the fabulous, Mansion on Forsyth Park.  The staff was delightful and the rooms were spacious. Many rooms have large soaking tubs, that translates into a swimming pool for a babe. The decor made us feel as if we were staying in a modern art museum. We highly recommend this hotel and it doesn't hurt that the rates were reasonable (with our discounts).
See babe on the bed and man near the sink-what an intriguing museum exhibit.
When we were at the Grand Ole Opry a mother and daughter approached me to take a peak at Hayden.  After exchanging travel stories, it turned out they visited some of the same places we planned to visit. They had been to Savannah and raved about Ms. Wilkes' Dining Room. We spent 2 hours and 15 minutes in this line and after sampling everything on the table, we have to rave about it as well. Did I mention the hours of operation are 11am-2pm? We are officially fans of the family-style dining experience.
Downtown Savannah is laid out in squares. We walked around many but left many to explore on our next visit.
SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) has a large presence in Savannah (they own more than 60 historic buildings) and their store is filled with whimsical textiles, clever gifts and beautiful art. 
I bought these for Matt as part of an anniversary gift. We look forward to planting them in our garden when we return home. Floral surprises are fun!!
I mentioned in a previous post that I had a craving for taffy. It turns out if you walk to the riverfront there is a large candy store. Craving no more was in heaven.
Sweet treats=more walking required.
I love magazines for many reasons, the number one reason being, that I can tear pages out to remind me of a point of interest or found object. Domino magazine was one of my favorites and in 2008 they highlighted a trip to Savannah. I saved the article in my travel file for 5 years and pulled it out for this trip. One of the "shop" locations was, The Paris Market & Brocante. This was my favorite  stop in Savannah. It is Anthropologie- meets-Paris flea-meetBrooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain-meets apothecary. 
Matt elected to sit with the little mister while I perused the store.  I found a few treats, including an anniversary gift for Matt.
We returned to our hotel for a bit and then headed to dinner for an anniversary celebration.
The Olde Pink House, which apparently used to be white, but after a fire leached clay through the paint and became pink, was another recommendation from the ladies at the Opry. We started the meal with fried macaroni and cheese accompanied by jalapeño aioli. Dangerously, addictive.
We stood on the (maybe original) floors of a house built in 1771, feeling so grateful for preservationists.  We were informed the house is haunted, with most paranormal activity witnessed downstairs. There is a bar/lounge in the basement that has a nice ghost vibe. Matt dared me to use the bathroom downstairs, which according to one of the employees is where women encounter a jealous, confrontational ghost. He was too afraid to go himself.
They brought out a pecan pie and single candle to celebrate our anniversary. The babe slept through the while meal and a good time was had by all.
Happy Anniversary, Lovie-this was the best one yet! xo

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