Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cash, Opry and 2 Scoops

We were assigned a main floor room in our hotel, which doesn't allow natural light in and as a result, we woke up at 10am. This is unusual for papa and myself these days, but we aren't complaining. We decided to walk around downtown as our only scheduled event was to take in a concert at the Grand Ole Opry.
We had lunch at Puckett's, where Matt had their famous pork sandwich ("meat + 3 sides"). They have a cooler of cold drinks in the front of the restaurant that you can take while you wait (because it is HOT here) and using the honor system, you add the drinks to your bill once you are seated. I love this. We waited for our table and the man sitting next to me asked how much it costs to have a baby at the hospital. He shared it cost him $300 to have his children and when I told him what it costs now, he said (in his southern drawl) "I'm sorry, I musta misheard you, I have a banana in my ear." This was his way of saying he didn't believe me and it made me laugh.  After lunch we took to the streets of Nashville. 
We passed the Johnny Cash Museum and decided to take the tour. It was great for an infant because the tour was self guided and in a small space, so it wasn't a huge commitment. There were
many interesting facts about Johnny Cash, maybe the most significant being his name wasn't Johnny at birth.
After a little Cash we headed to Mike's ice cream, which did not disappoint. 
They had several interesting flavors, making it hard to choose one, but I have to say the raspberry cheesecake was amazing.  If there is one bonus to vacationing in this type of heat, it is the need for ice cream everyday.
We continued walking around Nashville until we needed to head over to the Grand Ole Opry.  
Look at these palm sized cowboy boots-precious!!
The Opry was far enough away that we needed to drive, so drive we did, right
over this beautiful bridge.  The Opry hosts several acts a night (8 tonight) with the intention of giving the audience a sampling of each artist's music. I was especially looking forward to hearing Kacey Musgraves.  The little man wasn't particularly fond of the louder acts, so we spent 1/2 the time walking in the gift shop. The sweetest usher, named Eloise, reassigned us to a more baby friendly
area and I was so appreciative. It was a great night at the Opry and it gave Hayden a reason to put on his Frye boots (thank you Opa and Omi).
After the show we tried to find a place to have a late dinner. That proved more difficult than expected, so we opted for 2
bowls of this and we watched VEEP on HBO.  Super funny!! Looking forward to another day in Nashville and a southern breakfast.

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