Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nashville To-And-Fro

It was another beautiful day in Nashville and eating breakfast was on the top of our list of things to do. It seems simple; but not so for this crew. Since we are talking about breakfast, should you ever visit Nashville, order breakfast at The Loveless Cafe. I thought I came to Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry, but I found out yesterday I really came for biscuits. The biscuits (made by someone in a dedicated room) are served with jam made by Loveless. We bought the mix and I cannot wait to make them at home. Oh, I almost forgot... the omelettes are huge and the pancakes with syrup, they taste like butterscotch.
After we sung the praises of elastic waistbands we headed over to Cumberland Park. We love our little mister and all of his smiley goodness, but visiting this park made his mama and papa excited about future adventures.
After a quick stroll (it was 95 degrees and  humid) we headed over to East Nashville. An area that locals describe as "up and coming," it is a perfect mix of unique retail spots, delicious restaurants and a residential area full of sweet bungalows. While exploring this area we found a little mister store that also carried neat wooden labels, a special vintage-mixed-with-new-finds-fashion-home store called Pony Show (she relocated from SF) and some delicious ice cream (surprise).
I wish my suitcase was bigger!!
For my nurse pals.
Brown butter toffee almond and double-toasted coconut-come on!?!
These would be fun to use on a
chalkboard painted piece.
Tennessee knows how to do a steeple-they are something to see with the
contrasting blue skies.
Before we headed to Memphis we wanted to visit one last area of Nashville,
so we headed to Green Hills. Really, we visited a street in Green Hills. Little mister
was able to stretch his legs and we strolled through the street-front stores including a "Whole Body" (part of Whole Foods), which I'd never seen before.
I love a baby next to neon;)
It turns out baby watermelons are in season, but this one didn't want to be picked.
Three(ish) hours later we found ourselves in Memphis for a quick bite before bed.
We both tried catfish for the first time and 
may have had another biscuit or two.
Nashville was beyond hospitable and I imagine Memphis will be the same. People here are every bit as friendly as you hear about and the food is every bit as delicious!! 

P.S. I am having trouble linking sites like I'd intended, so I will do it when I get home or it starts working- whichever happens first.
P.S.S. Matt is starting to enjoy country music-yay!
P.S.S.S. We are playing a game Matt created and named "no question left unanswered," which will last the duration of the trip, with answers to follow. Example: Why do they call it a flea market?

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