Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Half of a Year.

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On Tuesday baby Hayes celebrated being out of the womb for one half of a year. We celebrated with him by getting his 6 month well check, playing with toys, telling him how much we love him, carrying him everywhere we went, having other people tell us how much they love him and giving him lots of smooches.

I was hoping to take him for his first swing at the playground and Papa and I were planning on kicking off solid foods, but instead he took a long nap after his shots and fell asleep early in the evening, so we will try both a little later this week...if he is game.

Here are a few things to know about Hayes.

Stats: 19 lbs 8 ounces and 28 inches long.
Blue eyes, blond hair (barely any) baby rolls and elbow dimples.
Favorite time of day: He smiles like crazy in the morning.
Bath time: He is still lying in the tub and loves splashing.
Affection: He pats us, squeezes our neck, holds our face with both hands and leans to one side to be held by one of us and recently started to rest his head on us.
Teeth: We felt a bottom nub on Tuesday of this week.
Food: He nurses only but is very interested in what we are eating.
Mobility: He rolls from stomach to back and back to stomach with a little army crawl wiggle.
Language : He blows raspberries, hums, and screeches.
Interests: He likes beverage containers (cups with straws and bottles), people wearing glasses, balloons and Jake and Georgie.
Toys: He plays with books with crinkle paper, wood and elastic geometric ball, wooden anchor.
Clothes: He is wearing up to size 18 months.
Music Preference: He stops crying when he hears Rockabye Baby- Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley, Coldplay and when I sing "You are my Sunshine" out of key.
Laughs : He laughs when we contort our faces, make silly high pitched noises, Papa sounds like a duck, we squeeze between his neck and shoulders and whenever Jake and Georgie move.
Travel: He has been to 15 states by plane, train, taxi, car, subway, ferry, boat, bus and/or trolley.
Sleeping: He sleeps in a co-sleeper and crib.  He has a few naps during the day and sleeps a 12 hour stretch at night with a few wake-up calls.
Diapers: He has gone through 6 sizes.
Hands: He uses his left and right equally.
Personality:  He is mostly happy and when he is upset he screeches loudly but settles quickly. He is tactile and enjoys nursing frequently and wiggles the entire time; feet kicking and arms waving. He is comfortable being held by people other than mama and papa and engages in smiling with strangers. His eyes widen when seeing either of us after we have been away from him and it is clear that he is aware of our presence. He is accommodating and tolerant of our schedule or lack there of, and as a result has proved to be a brilliant traveler. One caveat to that statement is his evolving displeasure for his car seat. He is inquisitive, alert, vibrant, and connected to life around him. He turns his head like a windshield wiper to observe as much as possible. He squeals with joy when he gets excited about something and if it happens while he is being held, he rolls up like a potato bug. He is so different than he was 6 months ago. He is changing daily and fast.

Now I know why almost everyone who has approached us when we are with Hayes says, "enjoy every minute because it goes by fast." Somehow 6 months of my own life, pre-Hayes, never seemed as eventful as living the past 6 months with him. He is the love of our lives.
Happy One Half of a Year of Life Hayes. We love you.

Mama and Papa

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