Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to Work.

It was time for me to return to work this weekend. First, I spent 2 days this week in a training class because our hospital transitioned to a new computer system. During the week leading up to my return I was thinking about how to make the transition. What would it feel like to have to learn a new computer system and get up to speed on all of the newest processes implemented at work? How to nurse Hayes while I was at work? What it would feel like to leave him and go to work to care for someone else? How Matt would feel spending his days shuttling back-and-forth to my job (that is how I nursed him) since we live so close? The fact that I was working shorter shifts and they gave me a few days to become acclimated to all of the "new" made the return much more manageable.  
On my computer training days Papa and Hayes met me for lunch (snacks) and I would nurse the little babe. After each class they picked me up and I took them Papa out for ice cream. In a Dreyer's vs. Baskin Robbins free standing store competition, Baskin Robbins came out the winner! I could eat ice cream every day.
I had Friday off with Hayes. How cute are his star jammies? In the morning we played and Hayes learned how to grab his foot and stick it in his mouth. In the afternoon we went grocery shopping, Hayes had a bath in the sink but barely fit. How did he get so big? Papa had a late night at work so we attempted to bake cookies but only got as far as making the dough. Hayes was in charge of holding eating the spatula. We tried a new recipe and LOVED the change. Milk and semi-sweet chips together is a nice change.
Saturday and Sunday were my 1st and 2nd shifts back to work. Both days Papa and Hayes got up and strolled to get me coffee and a pastry (they got themselves some too) while I slept in a bit. Hayes has been getting up several times a night, so even an extra minute of sleep feels like 30 minutes. Jake and Georgie even got in on the action. I have a picture of my first day working as a nurse and now as a mama/nurse. I like the second one better.
After each day of work we went on a little adventure. Saturday mama got a manicure which is rare these day, but I sure love it when it happens. Papa went to the barber at Temescal Alley which meant Hayes and I were able to walk around the alley. I love all of the tiny shops filled with gems.  Then we went home for bunless gardenburgers and ice cream sandwiches. 
Sunday we BBQ'd. We ate delicious food, spent time outside, laughed and spent time with great friends at their lovely home. It was a perfect night. I had the yummiest salad and smashed potatoes and Matt loved the pork tenderloin.  Hayes loved the girls and they loved him right back. With a weekend this fun I barely remember going back to turns out it wasn't as difficult at I thought it might be.

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