Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our life of pie.

We recently went berry picking at Gabriel Farm where we have a CSA membership. Matt loves blackberries so I told him that if we picked enough berries I would make a pie. Guess who was really motivated?

Papa loved his pie but after a few slices it no longer held it's shape. I had read about pie milkshakes and decided to give it a try. A little vanilla ice cream, some milk and a few pie pieces and voila. 
We highly recommend these delicious treats.
We are not a big pie loving household (usually) but this summer happens to be the life of pie for us. Perhaps the seed was planted while on vacation in the south. Pecan, lemon meringue, berry, etc. we ate a lot of pie. It wasn't until I returned that I came across the the layered pie. Similar to a layer cake a layered pie is exactly that, layers of pie. We had a block party scheduled and I didn't know what to bring, then I thought that perhaps this would be a good time to debut the layer pie.  I chose 3 pie flavors that I thought would compliment one another and stacked em' high.

This guy was a bit hesitant to bring this tray to the party but in the blink of an eye...half the pie was gone.
People seemed to really enjoy the idea of layering flavors and I enjoyed trying something new.
A good time was had by all and we are moving on to crisps.
Blueberry and Peach to be exact.

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