Sunday, August 18, 2013

Loving on Oakland

We flew to Washington for a week and when we returned it was much warmer than when we had left. Summer is pleasant but I am looking forward to Fall's arrival.  Boots, corduroy, pots of soup, crisp nights and Hayden's first Halloween. Okay, back to summer.
Baby in a bag.
Papa made dinner and used tomatos from our garden so mama was in charge of dessert...S'MORES!

We are so close to sitting up without any help.  His milestones are arriving before I am ready.
Come on. I get to live with these two?
Hayes has developed a fascination with glasses, both those worn on your face and held in your hands. He reaches for them, stares and opens his mouth as if he is tasting them. He is such an alert babe.
His and Hers
Hayes is digging the street performers.
Pink, pink and more pink. They do look different, I swear.
Tried a new pizza place and it took me right back to studying in Siena. Flavorful, thin and interesting combinations. P.S it is kid friendly too!

Okay not only glasses, but bottles, cups...any beverage container. He loves them.
These little guys are at the bases of telephone poles around the neighborhood. Makes walking more cheerful.
Our friends came to California and they had time to visit us. We met up with Joe, Lisa, Taylo (Matt's godson) and Sunny on Sunday and spent time in our neighborhood before heading over to watch an A's game.
We had great seats, under cover (it was too sunny for the babe) and great company.
Hayes enjoyed laughing with Joe.
staring at Sunny
and watching Taylo and Papa throw a baseball (one day they will do the same, I'm sure).
Sunday evening we found these in our garden (I am loving the darkest ones) and I ate them like candy.
So many tomatoes and the vines keep climbing.
Do you ever find gift certificates, coupons or punch cards, in your wallet that you carry around with you but forget to use? I recently found several and used them all. I came across the first Selby book while vacationing in Paris and thought it was too heavy to pack in my suitcase. Fast forward a few years and Edible Selby entered the scene. I used one of my full, frequent buyer cards and bought it. Looking forward to flipping through these pages soon.
He has been to 3 A's games and no Giant's games. Hopefully he makes it across the Bay soon.

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