Friday, August 30, 2013

A day of dates.

We had a day of dating. First Hayes and I had a date with our neighborhood. We walked around our neighborhood and then we (I) decided to go to a store I'd been curious about, Oakland Surf Club

The space is small, but like they say good things come in small packages. Unique product lines, surf boards available in the city and a fabulous selection of magazines. P.S There is a sale and I picked up each Kinfolk for $2- say what?? Jackpot! We picked up a few surprises for papa, as well.
Our next date was with Uptown Oakland. We stopped by Sweet Bar Bakery for lunch. The vegetarian kale and lentil soup was so delicious. The sour cream cheesecake was ridiculous. It is up there with the cheesecake we had in Paris at Cafe Marly. I mean it was so, so good and this little man slept through the whole experience. We also picked up vegan ginger cookies for papa.
We wandered into Two Jacks Denim and found an incredible selection of denim for papa. Voted by Best of the East Bay by the East Bay Express “Most Authentic-Craftsmanship-Focused Men’s Boutique” this is a unique find.
We happened to drive by the New Parkway Theatre which made me miss movie going a bit. Then I found out that they have "New Parkway Family Classics" and thought it would be fun to check it out. It is now on the list. Our next date was with papa. We decided to take advantage of his early arrival home and Jake and Georgie's desperate need/desire to get out of the house, by heading to Point Isabel. We were just happy that Jake decided not to enter the water because Mud Puppy's was closed.
                                                              Such happy little pals.
Thank you sunset and shadows for allowing us to capture this family photo. All 5 of us and we didn't have to concern ourselves with looking at the camera or smiling at the same time. It was a great day of dates.

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