Monday, July 1, 2013

Louisiana Take Two

This place is Elizabeth's and this place is the BEST. We were in a bit of a hurry, so we previewed the menu while we waited. I love trying to match the dishes we see go by, with the menu descriptions.  After a short wait we were seated. Hayden was clearly excited for us!
A few rules to review.
His and Hers.
My bananas foster and cream cheesestuffed french toast. Blew my mind.
Matt's Benedict served on fried green tomatoes. Really, that blew my mind too.
And this crazy cartoon face is the result of eating praline bacon, which clearly blew his mind.
On our way out of New Orleans we drove by these two houses. They reminded me of taffy. Maybe because of the color and maybe because I really want some saltwater taffy.
My official camouflage Cajun Encounter band.
He just found out we are getting on a boat
and he just found out he has to wear this jacket.
I am not sure that alligators should be eating hotdogs, especially without a bun.
He's a natural. Hold on tight.
His name is Cindy. I'm not sure why. He's no lady gator.
We just told him there was a gator near.
A famous swamp tree the guide referred to as the "meeting tree." Apparently several films and television shows have been filmed here.
It was double-sticky hot out here and babe was getting restless, so we played a quick game of "who's got your pacifier?" Worked like a charm.
This was the best we could do-I see many of these in our future.
Reachable only by boat. Referred to as a man cave.
Little mister has his own personal fan holder.
Dear Julia, 
This was the best experience. 
XO, Us 
We are so grateful for the recommendation and we agree, it is now our number one. We look forward to finding the perfect home for our newest musical instrument...the tambourine.
Jazzy baby. It was loud and he slept through most of it. There is a small amount of seating for those who arrive early (we did for babes sake).The rest of the "seats" are standing room only. This room gets packed.
Big and little musicality joining another New Orleans band. These guys can't get enough.
We wanted to have our tambourine signed and their last set ended at 11pm, so we went to this quaint little find. 
I loved the aesthetic of the bar, even if we just had coca-cola. 
Before we left New Orleans I had to try a  praline and it proved too sweet, even for me. I may have gone by Cafe Du Monde one more time-but I'm not saying.
Enter Matt's dream- a Domolise Shrimp PoBoy. We saw this place featured on the Food Network in 2012 and Matt had to see what all of the fuss was about. It turns out it is worth the fuss. Low-key, small and quiet, but delicious. Hayden was happy to gum his fingers.
New Orleans, we love you and we'll be back; hopefully soon!

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