Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quarter and District in Louisiana.

We left Memphis late on Friday and arrived in New Orleans a little after 1am on Saturday. The little babe likes to stretch his legs every 3 hours and Matt wanted a Subway sandwich, so we stopped in Canton, MS for both.  We brought our lemon meringue pie into Subway and after we each had a slice, I shared the rest with the crew working there. Canton is named "the city of light" because most of the buildings are lined with bulbs.  It just so happened that there was an epic lightening storm that night, which we watched for hours during our drive. During our dinner break I took the photos above; the same location one with and one without lightening.
We are staying  at this sweet hotel in the French Quarter (thank you, to our friend Gools for the recommendation) and after sleeping in a bit, we headed out to explore New Orleans. For Matt, this meant a hat store and breakfast to start.
Kevin made the best pancakes!!
The boys joined a band. Such musicality -look at that form.
The French Quarter architecture and performers were highlights on our walk. Half the battle is figuring out where to direct your attention.
It's a jolly holiday with you papa. Hat in hand, this crew is happy.
Enter the Garden District-the burial tradition in New Orleans is fascinating-(sure wish my link was working).
We went by Commander's Palace and picked up a map for the self-guided walking tour. 
We were being watched and check out the beehive in the tree below. The bees were spilling out.
We headed over to Magazine St. for some air conditioning and exploration.
Defend New Orleans had great finds. 
Confetti cake ice cream, need I say more? Yes, we have eaten ice
cream (almost) everyday.
This sweet babe had his first (sticky hot) trolley ride-then off to dinner.
This salad was so delicious I had it as an appetizer and ordered another one for dinner. Crazy? I know! Matt had gumbo for the first time. He loved it.
We ended the evening by walking through Jackson Square to Cafe Du Monde. 1 cafe au lait, 1 coffee and 6 (yes, that many but I had salad for dinner) beignets. A perfect end to the night if you ask me. 

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