Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting back in the swing of things

We haven't been home but a few days and I captured this gem.
Dinner at Pizza Antica. One of our favorite places.
Look at this little guy and all of his toys. I wonder if he is a bit bored now that he isn't traveling to a new place every day?
I had to take a few re-certification courses. Papa and Hayden met me after the class and we headed to the farmer's market in Berkeley.
Learning how to select a ripe melon.
Vibrant and local.

A late lunch, well worth the wait.

loving his new friend.
We decided to eat a salad a day for as many days as we had travelled and this fruit salad was one of our creations.
La Farine makes us happy.

These are the seed bombs that I bought for Matt while we were in Savannah and below he is making a home for them-we will soon see what they will become.
Somebody likes to swing outside and watch us garden!!
Rainbow salmon salad-another one of our salad creations and may I say it is so good.
Thought about buying a Twinkie just because they "are back" but my voice of reason was louder than usual today.

Treats for babe and treats for his mama and papa.
Atomic Garden is easily one of my favorite stores in Oakland.
Papa loves all thinks grouch.
Zachary's pizza and I remember a salad on the table at some point.
Another certification. Papa and Hayes are really getting some quality guy time.
This little face met me for lunch.
Thank you Instagram for these gems.
Vanilla steamed milk from Elmwood Cafe is a favorite coffee alternative.
Raspberry Croissants, a weekend walk and a flying baby.
His Johnny Cash onesie making an appearance in Oakland. I cannot get enough of his sweet face.

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