Saturday, June 22, 2013

Windy City Walking

We started our trip by taking the BART to meet papa. Hayes did well, minus the intermittent cries care of a loud conductor voice and the screeching metal from a train on rails.
He was awake most of the flight with just a few peeps. I'd say he is a natural (proud mama moment) and I am grateful, as this is day 1 of 25.
Papa made a reference to Home Alone, which is one of my favorite holiday movies, but I do not recall the scene. How about this tuckered babe?
Papa made it to the train before the rain cloud found us. His reward? A Dunkin Donut Boston Cream filled. 
Wrigley Ready!!
Came upon this fun hat store as we walked to the game.
Matt wants to go to every ballpark in the US. Lucky for him, they keep rebuilding parks so the list keeps getting longer.
Papa liked this sign, so we stopped for a snap and there were indeed, a lot of foul
Goodbye park, hello pizza.
Oh, these breadsticks...butter and cheese and then a little more butter.
Gino's East was d'lish. Just ask him.
We each ordered our own favorite pie flavor... and had leftovers, of course.
That's a wrap! 

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