Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Headed to Healdsburg

Last Monday, Hayes and I went out on another one of our wee tourist adventures. A while back I read an article in C Magazine that featured same day road trips. At 12 pm I was trying to decide where we should go and I remembered I still had the magazine, so I started flipping through the pages. There was a tiny picture of a place that looked interesting and the description was enough to get me in the car... for 1.5 hours.  We arrived at 2pm and had the perfect amount of time to soak up this sweet little town. SHED, the place I wanted to visit, did not disappoint. Divided into sections; cook, farm, a Kombucha bar, a coffee bar, a bistro, a grocery store and an area dedicated to outdoor supplies, it was the perfect combination for this agrarian time. My favorite was the the produce stand and the area dedicated to bee keeping (I'd like to start a hive). 
Hayes and I walked around the square and dipped in and out of charming stores. I found oil cloth sold by the yard, to place under Hayes' highchair, in the hopes of making post-meal clean up a bit easier. I tasted the local coffee and came across a shoe repair store selling amazing sandals imported from Mexico (they were closed and I was sad). Hayes enjoyed relaxing in his stroller and taking in the the newness of, well, everything. The little mister and I ended the evening back at Shed to enjoy one of their delicious pizzas. On our drive home we passed vineyards, pumpkin farms and trees with leaves turning color. Autumn is my favorite season which made the 1.5 hour ride home a pleasure. *My old car made a sound when the gas tank was near empty and my new car does not, which made for a moment not so pleasurable when I nearly ran out of gas. I didn't though, so it was a lovely day beginning to end. 

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