Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Has it been 3 months, already?

I am pretty sure that your papa would agree with me, you are our greatest achievement, Hayden Oliver White. After 41 weeks and 4 days, we laid our eyes on you. It has been a little over 3 months since you became my sidekick and I cannot get enough of you. You fill my heart with joy and when I look into your sweet, blue eyes I smile, knowing that you belong to me. I am the luckiest mama getting to spend my days and nights with you. I love you baby Hayes.

milk yawn.
window baby to treat jaundice. 
bay area grandparents (papa's aunt and uncle)
3 generations 

nothing sweeter.

cheeky baby.

mama's day at the market

for the love of books.

not sure this mouse loved the  fireworks.

pisces like his mama...we love water.

neighborhood walk.

the sweetest sleeper and look at that hand.


with papa having oysters. 

grandma joanne visits.

in honor of his colorado grandparents-the rhino shorts.

never too early to protect your skin-sun babe.

waiting for papa watching cars go by.

hayden and deedle.

hog island oyster trip

peanut butter jelly time

papa notices hayden's neck control.


you see you.
early morning cole

who needs coffee more?

i have hands.

my mama kisses me all day and I am a drooler.

squeeze me.

discussing our pizza options.

someone belongs in a Dr. Seuss movie

i love my papa and he loves me.

i grab my mama's shirt when i sleep.

my papa plants one on me.

i am a smiley guy.

Carmel Beach Trip- stayed here with my puppies.

Opa and Omi visit
Baseball first.

you've arrived and we couldn't love you more.
sleepy mama, but worth it. you fell asleep like this.
laugh. play. wiggle. repeat.

one of many kisses to come.
sweet boy.
First Bath.

This has been the best 3 months of my life and I could not love you more.
xo, mama

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